The War Experience

Presented by the areas of History and Ancient History at the University of Newcastle, The War Experiencehighlights the work being conducted by academics from the School of Humanities and Social Science. In collaboration with the Centre for the History of Violence, this seminar series discusses a range of topics from ancient to modern times.

Seminars are held at the University of Newcastle City campus (NewSpace) in X202 (second floor), on Wednesday's from 7-8pm.


15 August - Professor Lyndall Ryan - 1838 and 1968: Colonial wars and the Practice of massacre

29 August - Associate Professor Hans Lukas Kieser - The Great War in Ottoman Turkey

12 September - Dr Elizabeth Baynham - Alexander the Great's mass-marriages

10 October - Dr Elizabeth Roberts-Pedersen - The POW experience: the captive mind in World War II psychiatry

24 October - Mr Daniel Morgan - The Roman disaster of Varus in AD 9

7 November - Associate Professor Wayne Reynolds - Fighting the Cold War: Spies, Nuclear Weapons and Plans for Armageddon

Questions regarding the series can be directed to Dr Jane Bellemore.