Our team of scholars regularly produce new research knowledge on their areas of expertise as well as making it accessible to others through teaching and public engagement initiatives. Further details can be found on their University of Newcastle profile pages linked below.

Dr. Kate Ariotti - History

Dr. Elizabeth Baynham - Ancient History

Dr. James Bennett - History

  • Expertise: Australia and the Pacific; Australian history; documentary film; gender and sexuality; history, film and representation; the First World War especially film and representation; the Labour movement; war and society.

  • Profile: newcastle.edu.au/profile/j-bennett

Dr. Kit Candlin - History

Associate Professor Nancy Cushing - History

  • Expertise: air pollution; Australian cultural history; environmental history; food studies; heritage studies; human/animal relations; Newcastle; urban history

  • Research profile: newcastle.edu.au/profile/nancy-cushing

Dr. Sacha Davis - History

  • Expertise: Germany; Habsburg; Hungary; Roma; Romania; Saxon; Transylvania; Transylvanianism; Zigeuner; diaspora; eugenics; fascism; landscape; migration; minority; nationalism; transnationalism; travel writing; travelogue; wine.

  • Profile: newcastle.edu.au/profile/sacha-davis

Professor Philip Dwyer - History

  • Expertise: biography; eighteenth-century Europe; Europe and the world; film and history; history of violence; modern European history; the French Revolution and Napoleon; the massacre in history; war memoirs; war and society.

  • Profile: newcastle.edu.au/profile/philip-dwyer

Professor Victoria Haskins - History

  • Expertise: Aboriginal history; Australian history; colonialism; cross-cultural history; dance history; domestic labour; domestic service; gender history; Indigenous history (US, Asia); museum studies; women's history.

  • Profile: newcastle.edu.au/profile/victoria-haskins

Professor Marguerite Johnson - Ancient History

Associate Professor Hans-Lukas Kieser - History

  • Expertise: Alevilik history; Armenian history; biography; contemporary Middle East; genocide; history of Turkey; massacre; modern history; modern history of the Kurds; Ottoman Empire; political violence; violence studies; religion; war; World War I.

  • Profile: newcastle.edu.au/profile/hanslukas-kieser

Dr. Hugh Lindsay -Ancient History

  • Expertise: Roman imperial history; Greek and Roman historiography; Roman biography, especially Suetonius; Greek and Roman society; ancient geography; the geographer Strabo.

  • Profile: newcastle.edu.au/profile/hugh-lindsay

Dr. Julie McIntyre - History

  • Expertise: agriculture; Australia's Atlantic; Australian and international wine studies; environmental history; global Newcastle; histories of science; knowledge mobilities; theories of civilising processes; tourism; trans-imperial migration.

  • Profile: newcastle.edu.au/profile/julie-mcintyre

Associate Professor Wayne Reynolds - History

Professor Lyndall Ryan - History

Dr. Elizabeth Roberts-Pedersen - History

Dr. Timothy Stanley - Head of Cluster for Historical, Cultural and Critical Inquiry

Keyword cloud of HCCI staff research interests.

Keyword cloud of HCCI staff research interests.